Food safety analysis workflow

Thermo Scientific Life Science MS not only has a long tradition of technology, but also continues to innovate. Quadrupole mass analysis of true conjugate hyperboloids that fits the perfect theoretical electric field of a textbook is used on all TSQ® triple quadrupole mass spectrometers. Since launching the world's first triple quadrupole MS/MS (TSQ®) mass spectrometer in 1980, TSQ® triple quadrupole mass spectrometer has been widely used in environmental protection, agriculture, quarantine, food safety, etc. Analytical testing, fully capable of testing routine testing of large-volume samples of crops, livestock and poultry products, dairy products and related processed foods, such as pesticide residues in food, veterinary drug residues, mycotoxins, additives, Nutritional Supplements and organic pollutants And other projects to help you easily meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.



5-nitroimidazoles are a class of drugs with 5-nitroimidazole ring structure, which have anti-protozoal and antibacterial activity. Daily tests involve animal-derived samples such as livestock, aquatic products, bee products, and dairy products. This article refers to SN/T 1928-2007, GB/T 21318-2007, GB/T 22949-2008, GB/T 21995-2008, Ministry of Agriculture 1025 Announcement-22-2008, Ministry of Agriculture No. 1486 Announcement-4-2010, SN/T 2579-2010, simplified from GB/T 23410-2009, GB/T 23407-2009, GB/T 23406-2009, is an instrument method for rapid detection of various nitroimidazole drug residues, internal standard method Quantitative.


For related reagent materials, standard configuration and reserves, and sample preparation methods, please refer to the above standards. For related instrument methods, please refer to this document. ( TSQ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Concise Application Manual - Food Safety Testing )


The TSQ Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system is equipped with an ultra-high pressure liquid phase system.

Liquid phase condition


Mass spectrometry condition


SRM condition


Experimental result

Typical chromatogram (excerpt from GB/T 23410-2009 appendix)


in conclusion

Among the above national standard detection methods, the detection limit of nitrofuran drugs in different matrices is 1.0-5.0 μg/kg. The method is fully capable of meeting the requirements of domestic and international regulatory standards for sensitivity and reproducibility of conventional regulatory methods.

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