At present, our domestic aquaculture industry is moving in a direction of specialization and scale. Traditional farmers are joining professional cooperatives. With the development of the market, sales and use of veterinary drugs have begun to undergo some changes, which have begun to affect the production and sales of veterinary medicine bottle packaging.

First, veterinary medicine bottle packaging needs more professional design and development. Traditional veterinary drug bottle packaging is not targeted, and few manufacturers have developed for the veterinary drug bottle market. Now, with the changes in the veterinary drug market, large-scale professional breeding requires the targeted development of veterinary medicine bottles to adapt to the market. Second, the trend of the capacity of veterinary medicine bottles towards large capacity changes. Traditional farmers have small scale, small amount of culture, and naturally small quantities of veterinary drugs. However, large-scale farmers adopt intensive production and need large-capacity veterinary medicine bottles to meet their needs.

The veterinary medicine bottle packaging will face professional breeders in the future, and can also work hard in the aspects of packaging information networking to promote the advancement of the entire veterinary medicine industry.

Post time: Feb-01-2021